Community Contribution Guidelines

Community Contribution Guidelines

Hey there, person who likes rocks. We want to know your story!

Put together an article of 500-800 words sharing an adventurous tale, insights into this ridiculous sport, the story of your favourite beat-up water bottle, your new toe-strengthening programme, or anything else climbing-related that you fancy!

If your piece is published, we’ll give you a big ol’ thank you with 15% off your next MMO purchase or a 50% reduced CityROCK membership fee for one month (pick your poison).

Read through the below contribution guidelines so that your submission nails the audition, and send your works of art to

Article Length

Strike a balance between meaty and concise. Ideally your article should fall between 500 and 800 words, but we’ll let a few less or extra slide. So long as your piece is interesting, valuable and enjoyable, we want it.


We want to hear about anything and everything climbing. That being said, we also welcome your musings on related topics such as general health and fitness, highlining, hiking, backpacking, camping etc. Browse our blog posts to get an idea of the kind of thing we’re looking for. More important than the subject of your piece, we’re looking for authentic stories that capture your passion and unique voice. If you’re unsure about a particular topic, drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you.

Don’t overthink it, keep it simple, and write from the heart (aww).

Some Basic Rules

Right, folks, we’ve got to add these somewhere. This is a family-friendly site, so leave out any adult subject matter or curse words (unless they play a very important part in the narrative). We do not condone ANY form of discrimination on any grounds, including gender identity, sexual orientation, race, class etc. If you are going to send pictures to accompany the article, please request permission from the photographer.