2023 IFSC YWC Athletes & Fundraisers

Check out who's repping Team SA at the upcoming IFSC YWC...

In August of this year, young climbing superstars from around the world will gather in Seoul, South Korea for the 2023 International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Youth World Championships, and we hope you’ve got your pom-poms ready because we’ll be seeing some familiar faces repping Team South Africa! The following climbers have been selected to climb in one or more disciplines in Seoul – give them a high five when you see them at the gym, and check out the various fundraising campaigns that have been set up so that we can help make some dreams come true…

Photo by Victor Hall Photography.


● Tiffany Bouwer (Gauteng)
● Sara Adams (Western Cape)
● Caitlin Bouwer (Gauteng)
● Ariane Janata-Burns (Western Cape)
● Arielle Coetzer (KwaZulu-Natal)
● Jade Vogt (Gauteng)
● Shakira Fredericks (Western Cape)
● Rauen Krohn (Western Cape)
● Beatrix Mills (Western Cape)


● Jasper Marais (Gauteng)
● Patrick Bartleet (Western Cape)
● Adam Preston (Gauteng)
● Benjamin Gibson-Taylor (KwaZulu-Natal)
● Thomas Luger (Western Cape)
● Joey Johnson (Eastern Cape)
● Fayzan Adroos (Gauteng)
● Michael McGowan (Gauteng)
● Nicholas Allan (Western Cape)
● Jean Labuschagne (Gauteng)
● Jack Burningham (Western Cape)
● Daniel Hill (Gauteng)
● Jordan Purdy (Gauteng)
● Ronan Purdy (Gauteng)
● Morgan Atkinson (Gauteng)


Photo by Victor Hall Photography.

Follow @sa_youth_worlds_climbing on Instagram for more updates on the competition journey, and check out their ongoing series shining a spotlight on each of the YWC climbers. Let us know if there are any relevant fundraisers we should add to this article, and keep cheering on our champs!