At the very core of CityROCK is a deep passion for rock climbing and the lifestyle which accompanies it. It has been our driving mission as an organisation to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor climbing, and provide our community with the facilities, resources and support needed to stay motivated, achieve performance goals and venture into the mountains safely and confidently. With this mission in mind, we are delighted to welcome you to goodBETA – a brand-new community platform and information hub for all things climbing in South Africa.

This site offers everything from the latest news and events, to gear reviews and insightful blogs, to beginner guides and access to comprehensive route guides via our partnership with TheCrag.com. It also hosts a community forum that can be used to share updates about access and safety hazards, discuss sensitive topics and ethical issues, sell or find second-hand gear, connect with climbing partners, and much more. Our focus will be on all aspects of climbing, across all of South Africa. We will cover bouldering, sport, and trad, along with all aspects of gym climbing, from purely social to competition climbing. While this platform has been created by and will be operated by members of the CityROCK team, we are firmly committed to keeping it a neutral space that serves all members of the community equally ­– and that includes all climbing gyms, related organisations, and retailers. At the end of the day, all we want is to share our passion for this incredible sport and create a space where we can all connect, learn, and grow together.

Climb safe, climb strong, climb on.

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