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Gym Etiquette 101

For many, the climbing gym is an escape from the real world. To allow everyone an enjoyable and uplifting experience, it’s essential that we all abide by the following laws of gym etiquette.

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Climbing Tales


The Send Space is a proudly South African climbing podcast and a space for our local climbers to tell their stories, record history, share beta, and inspire others.

Three local climbers have gotten together to bring you regular episodes featuring climbers and adventurers from around the country, documenting their adventures, sends, fears, failures and lessons learned. Hosted by Mienke Richter, with content and production support from Matt Chapman and Aimee Clarke.


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Layer Up to Stay Toasty

15 Jul 2021

There’s nothing like a tried-and-tested layering system to kick winter chills to the curb.

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Gym Etiquette 101

14 Jul 2021

For many, the climbing gym is an escape from the real world. To allow everyone an enjoyable and uplifting experience,...

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Jason Tan on Sending Tokolosie (30)

12 Jul 2021

We talk to Jason Tan about his experience projecting and sending Tokolosie (30) in Waterval Boven.

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Exposure Kick-Starts Connection

07 Jul 2021

Louise Walton shares her ascent of Roulette (21) and the hard-won lessons learnt at the start of pitch two.

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The Abrahamsson’s @Home Hangboard Routine

01 Jul 2021

Strong man and climbing YouTuber Emil Abrahamsson and his brother Felix have put together a dead simple hangboard routine that...

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Enter the Cocoon: Hammock Camping

24 Jun 2021

If you’ve ever experienced a hammock power nap in the crag, you will know that once you slip into that

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