Adaptive Sports Fund Goes Climbing

Catch up on all the action from ASF's visit to CityROCK Johannesburg...

Earlier this month the Adaptive Sports Fund (ASF) enjoyed a visit to CityROCK Johannesburg to try out some indoor climbing for the first time, and what a fantastic day it was!

ASF is a non-profit organisation that uses adaptive sports and adventure activities to motivate, encourage and empower people with disabilities. Activities offered by ASF include wakeboarding, scuba diving, wheelchair rugby, golfing, rowing, skiing, hand cycling, mountain biking, paragliding and go-karting. By securing adaptive sporting equipment and facilitating activity days, ASF opens up opportunities for the disabled community, helps to improve quality of life, and raises much-needed awareness.

Sixteen ASF athletes visited CityROCK and the day started out with a tour of the gym, followed by a safety briefing and explanation of the adaptive climbing system. Gauteng Climbing generously donated an adaptive climbing harness, so after a little warm-up to get the blood flowing and fingers ready it was time to climb!

There were two different stations set up – first a rope ladder in the kids’ section with some intermediate grips to get everyone used to climbing, and then a more challenging route set on one of the overhanging walls. Great fun was had as adaptive climbers of all ages pushed their limits, overcame fears and cheered each other on, with some climbers trying out other routes in the gym as well.

Days like these exhibit the potential of climbing, and other adventure sports, to create real change in the lives of so many people. Over and above offering physical exercise and a supportive community, the challenge of climbing is an invitation to explore your limits, discover your courage, face your fear and emerge empowered, and we are delighted to see the climbing world become a more inclusive and inviting space.

A huge thank you to Jeffrey Yates (Director of ASF) and Gina Barnes for organising the day – here’s to a bright future of adaptive climbing in South Africa!

All photos courtesy of the Adaptive Sports Fund.