E9 Clothing Lands in SA!

CityROCK Gear Shops and Mountain Mail Order proudly announce the arrival of E9 climbing apparel to their shelves.

South Africa’s climbing community has a new reason to rejoice as CityROCK Gear Shops and Mountain Mail Order proudly announce the arrival of E9 climbing apparel to their shelves. Renowned for their commitment to bringing world-class climbing gear to the country, CityROCK’s partnership with E9 marks a significant milestone for climbing enthusiasts.

Born in 1998 from the passion of Mauro Calibani, a former boulder world champion, E9 clothing embodies the essence of adventure that resonates deep within our souls. Created by climbers for climbers, every stitch and fiber is a testament to the understanding of the rigours of the sport. With a commitment to utilising natural materials, we ensure not only comfort and durability but also a symbiotic relationship with the wilderness that inspires us.

The E9 collection of clothing, chalk bags and brushes bursts with vivid hues and playful designs, igniting a revolution of style within the climbing community. Yet, amidst this celebration of creativity, the unwavering dedication to sustainability and unrivalled quality remains steadfast.

Whether you’re tackling the crags of the Boven, bouldering in Rocklands, or scaling the majestic cliffs of Table Mountain, E9’s apparel offers the perfect blend of functionality and style. Designed to withstand the rigours of climbing while exuding Italian flair.

“We’re thrilled to introduce E9 clothing to South Africa,” says Tyler Morrissey, Retail Manager at CityROCK Gear Shops. “As climbers ourselves, we understand the importance of quality apparel that not only performs exceptionally but also reflects our passion for the sport. E9 embodies these values, and we’re excited to make it accessible to our community.”

Experience the difference with E9 climbing apparel, now exclusively at CityROCK Gear Shops and online at www.mountainmailorder.co.za to discover the latest additions to your climbing wardrobe.

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