Free Delivery for Boven Resoles

Send your shoes to Boven Resoles for FREE with CityROCK!

If you’ve ever needed to get your climbing shoes resoled, you’ve probably heard of Danny’s excellent work at Boven Resoles – but getting your shoes up to Boven can prove tricky (and expensive) if you aren’t living up north. Luckily, that’s all changing thanks to the CityROCK Gear Shop!

We’ve implemented a new system that makes it easy as pie (and 100% FREE) for you to send your shoes to Boven. Here’s how it works:

1. Contact Danny at 084 780 3114 or to start the repair process.  

2. Purchase this FREE product on Mountain Mail Order to receive an order number and supply us with your contact/shipping information.

3. Drop your shoes off at CityROCK Johannesburg or CityROCK Cape Town.

4. Receive & pay your invoice from Boven Resoles. (Note that shoe delivery by CityROCK is free, but you will need to pay Danny for the resoling).

5. Pick up your shoes from CityROCK once they’re ready and climb on!

For a more detailed breakdown of this process you can visit this page, and you can find all of Danny’s prices and more information about his services at the button below: