Introducing Figure 8 Climbing

Catie Monteiro and Naadirah Moola just launched your new favourite YouTube channel...

South African climbers can enjoy some fresh local content thanks to Catie Monteiro and Naadirah Moola’s brand-new YouTube channel – Figure 8 Climbing.

According to its creators, Figure 8 hopes to “showcase women crushing in South Africa while highlighting this country’s amazing outdoor areas and world-class setting in our local gyms.”

Naadirah Moola on Jack in the Green (22), Trappieskop.
Catie Monteiro crushing in Echo Valley.

They’re just a few videos in, but it looks like Figure 8 is already living up to this promise. With dynamic cinematography, quality climbing and a good dose of South African gees, it’s impossible to not end up psyched after watching Catie and Naadirah slamming sends.

Check out the channel, show its feisty founders some love, and get inspired!