SANParks Rangers Rock Out with MCSA

The MCSA showed SANParks rangers the ropes at Silvermine Lower.

Clear skies and perfect conditions set the scene for a fantastic day of climbing with a group of SANParks rangers on Tuesday, 11 May.

Facilitated and led by Robert Breyer – head of the rock climbing sub-committee for the MCSA’s Cape Town section – this special event sought to introduce the rangers to the sport, and give some insight into the people they spend their days policing. 

A total of twelve rangers took up the challenge, with an equal number of men and women – a wonderful sight to see. Five top ropes were set up by the team, which comprised Robert, Cally Bishop, Brigitte Pegado, Brain Watts, Innocent Seti and Trevor Smuts. Routes climbed were Chicks Dig It Lank (13), Serendipity (14), Flakes (14), Rough Rider (15), and Hard As It Gets (15).

All the rangers climbed to the chains on at least one route, with most doing two or three. One particularly excited individual climbed all five, and many expressed an interest in pursuing the sport further. As so often happens on inaugural climbing trips, a number of the rangers were shaken by nerves, only to get up on the wall and return with an immense sense of achievement, pride and a healthy dose of that oh-so-addictive adrenaline. 

After a beautiful morning of rocking out, the group bid farewell to the sandstone with plenty of sun-baked smiles and a promise to return soon. It is hoped that days such as these will help to deepen the connection between climber and rangers, and band together a community that shares a love for the mountains (albeit for slightly different reasons).