2022 CityROCKtober Everest Challenge Report

Catch up on the action, results & photos from the 2022 CityROCKtober Everest Challenge!

Competitors were lined up bright and early on Saturday 15 October at the CityROCK Johannesburg and Cape Town gyms to register at 7:30am sharp for the 2022 Rocktober Everest Challenge – and what a day it turned out to be!

Between the 636 laps that needed to be climbed by each team to reach the goal of 8849m (the height of Mount Everest), the base camp challenges that awaited at set altitudes, and the numerous mini competitions going on around the gym, everyone (event staff included) got thoroughly wrecked in the best way. All the teams brought maximum psych, with a great attitude and magnificent sending outfits that included fairy wings, scuba gear, drawn-on beards and traffic cone hats – the climbing community never disappoints.

A huge thank you to all the competitors who came through to put their bodies on the line, and a great big congratulations to the winning teams who received R5000 (1st place), R3000 (2nd place) and R2000 (3rd place) in CityROCK Gear Shop gift vouchers to split between themselves.

Johannesburg Winners

1st – No-Aide Brigade

2nd – Wits

3rd – The Rednecks

Cape Town Winners

1st – NeverRest

2nd – Gravity League

3rd – Bogus Togas

Check out our snaps from the day below, and keep the psych running high!

CityROCK Johannesburg

CityROCK Cape Town

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