CityROCKtober Everest Challenge | 15 October

Get all the details and register for the 2022 Everest Challenge at CityROCK...

Join CityROCK Cape Town & Johannesburg on Saturday 15 October for the indoor alpine expedition of the year – the CityROCKtober Everest Challenge!

Gather together a team of up to 10 brave adventurers and see if you can scale the height of Mount Everest on the walls – that’s a whopping 636 climbs!

Date: 15 October
Time: 8am to 6pm
Place: CityROCK climbing gym
Cost: Free for CityROCK members; regular day pass rates for non-members.

In addition to the main event, there will also be mini competitions going on around the gym throughout the day for spectators, with fantastic prizes on offer for Everesters and observers alike.

How It Works:

● The gym will open at 7:30am for competitors, with an event briefing at 7:45am. All competitors must register before the competition. The gym will be open from 9am to 6pm for non-competitors.

● Teams have from 8am until the end of the day (6pm) to climb the height of Everest. The team who reaches 636 climbs, or the team that gets the furthest by the end of the day, will be crowned the winners!

Pick a jazzy name for your team and put together an epic group costume to score the Best Dressed title! All members of your team need to be dressed up and climb at least 5 laps in costume to qualify – the Best Dressed team will get an additional 10 laps added to their count.

All high-wall routes (top rope, lead & auto-belay) are game. There is no bouldering. High wall routes in the adult section count as 1 lap, while routes in the kids’ section count as half a lap.

Grades don’t matter – you can even climb smarties if you’d like! What counts here is the height.

● Teams must be a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 10. Only 5 team members may be climbing on the wall at the same time.

If you fall off the route or rest on the rope, the route cannot be counted. Down climbing cannot be counted.

● When teams reach certain ‘altitudes’, they will be required to complete a challenge in order to continue – we’ll go into a bit more detail at the briefing!

● A pair of climbers may do 2 laps on an anchor, and then must rotate to a different anchor. You may repeat anchors.

After every 4 laps, you will need to log your climbs with our officials on the floor (i.e. climb 4 laps, log your climbs, then move to a new anchor). You may send a team representative to log your laps.

● Standard safety rules and regulations apply at all times. An intentional breach of safety rules will disqualify your team.

The full rules and details will be released closer to the event, so keep an eye on CityROCK’s Facebook and Instagram pages for updates!

How to Enter

Gather up your bravest mates, pick an epic team name, and click the button below to fill out the registration form. Only one person from each team needs to submit a registration form, but all team members must be present at the registration and event briefing at CityROCK on Saturday 15 October.

Start training that endurance – we’ll see you at the summit!