Keeping It Wild Podcast: Jethro Watson on Living

Listen to Jethro Watson's incredible story about the 2019 freak accident that crushed his legs and his journey since...

Back in 2019, Jethro Watson was living in Rocklands and training hard; he had just ticked his first 7b+, the ultra classic Born Into Struggle. Riding on the high of that send, he journeyed out with friend and fellow climber Nick Muehlhausen, who was visiting Rocklands from California, to work on a high-ball problem out in The Pass. On the walk in, a large boulder dislodged and landed on top of both of Jethro’s legs, completely crushing the right and severely damaging the left.

Needless to say, Jethro has lived a fuller life than most – he’s faced death, amputation of the right leg, reconstruction of the left leg, a lengthly surgery and rehabilitation process that took place during COVID lockdown, and the heartbreaking truth that his body is unable to climb the way it used to.

But Jethro is much more than his experiences – he is a thoughtful, generous and highly intelligent man who has become a strong pillar of the Rocklands community, and whose insights into life, climbing and pursuing the best possible versions of ourselves are sure to move and inspire.

Luckily for all of us, the fantastic Keeping it Wild podcast recently had a chat with Jethro about what he’s been through and how life has been since the accident. Exploring everything from how it felt to be trapped in remote mountains waiting hours for help to arrive, to Jethro’s current aspirations to serve and grow the Rocklands community, this is a fantastic listen that will likely give you a new perspective on your approach to living.

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