Pro Climber Breeding Season In Full Swing

Find out which members of climbing royalty have got bouncing babas on the way...

Mayhaps there is something other than chalk in the air at international climbing competitions… because damn, the celebs are shacking up and multiplying like rabbits. The most logical explanation is that the world’s strongest are creating a tiny army to take over the world, and that suits us just fine! Whatever the case may be, it’s a wonderful time for many of our sport’s legends. Here are all the royal babies that have popped up in recent months…


Free solo king Alex Honnold and his wife Sanni McCandless announced back in September 2021 that they are expecting a bouncing bay girl this coming February. Since the announcement, there have been questions as to whether Alex would continue to free solo now that he’ll have the added responsibility of a child to look after. His characteristically Honnold-ish response explained that he is “totally prepared for it to rein in [his] risk-taking a little bit”, but he doesn’t see himself as a big risk taker regardless (sure thing, buddy) and it’s possible that he’ll carry on soloing as per normal. We’ll just have to wait and see if this legend will settle down upon the arrival of his little sprout.


That’s right – the lean, mean, Czech screaming machine is expecting a lil baba with wife Iva Ondra, due to be born in May this year. Between his growing YouTube channel, a new film coming out soon and continued success out on the rock, Ondra seems to be living his happiest, healthiest life and we expect to see a whole new side of him when it comes time to don the dad hat.


British sending machine and boulder queen Shauna Coxsey shocked the climbing community with her announcement in June 2021 that she would be retiring from competitive climbing following the Tokyo Olympics. While we’ll miss seeing Shauna on the international stage, we’re sure she’ll have her hands full with her little bundle of joy, who is expected to arrive in May this year.


Professional climber Paige Claassen and South African spouse Arjan de Kock will be celebrating the arrival of their baby girl in June. Paige and Arjan both enjoy some artistic pursuits, along with plenty of travels between the countries they call home, meaning that we’re expecting the teeny Claassen is to become a funky, spunky citizen of the world.


While there are no babies on the way just yet, we had to give a special shoutout to Japanese climbing royalty, Tomoa Narasaki and Akiyo Noguchi, who tied the knot in December 2021! Akiyo, like Shauna, retired from competitive climbing after the Tokyo Olympics, and we’re excited to see what this power couple gets up to now that they’re officially hitched.