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Climb Stronger with Yoga

It’s no secret that yoga is great for the health of both body and brain, but many climbers underestimate just how beneficial this practice can be for performance on the wall.

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Crag Etiquette 101

Learn the basic nuances of proper climber behaviour in the crag with these key tips and essentials of crag etiquette

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Olympic Women’s Final Results & Replay

We can’t believe we’ve already reached the final stages of Sport Climbing’s incredible Olympic debut. For diehard fans and first-time spectators, the competition has been a dazzling show, with close misses and electric victories alike from the world’s best. And now, the Women’s Finals.

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Community Insights

NEW | Route Guide App

Topo Guru has partnered with, the world’s largest online climbing platform, to create the most comprehensive guidebook app we’ve ever seen.

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