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Western Cape Climbing (WCC) is a non-profit organisation which serves as the provincial federation for sport climbing in the Western Cape. They are responsible for managing and developing the sport, which means working hard to give athletes the best possible training, mentorship and opportunities to set them up for success, nationally and internationally.

WCC’s expansive work includes organising workshops, community talks, team gatherings and provincial and national competitions, as well as running their High-Performance Programme which offers specialised training for the province’s top competitive climbers. Beyond supporting provincial climbers, WCC has organised workshops for coaches and route setters around the country to help develop the competitive climbing scene on a national level.

How to Get Involved

The organisation is entirely volunteer-run, and this group of hard-working champions needs our help to keep going and growing. The best way to show your support is to join the Western Cape Climbing family!

You can choose to sign up as a competitive athlete for an annual fee, or just register as a recreational climber for FREE to help WCC raise more funding and sponsorship to continue their fantastic work (the more members there are, the more funding will be granted).

Lend a hand and be part of the growth by signing up at the button below, and follow WCC on Facebook and Instagram to get updates about events, fundraisers, upcoming competitions and more!