Verreaux Eagle Crag Closures

Important message from the MCSA JHB Section.


Please will all climbers remember that Verreaux Eagle breeding season is upon us. What this means is that climbing crags that we share with these Eagles are closed for climbing. This ensures that the birds have peace and quiet for the preparation of their nests, laying of eggs and hopefully we will be able to watch the first flights of a new generation of these magnificent birds.

Crags that will  be closed from the first week of April to last week in September:

Chosspile: The whole of LORD OF THE RINGS Crag (negotiation to allow some climbing further left of the nest was not successful, sorry. It was deemed too close and these climbs remain a disruption to their required peace)
Bronkies: Between “Perch on this” and ‘Devils Concubine”
Wilgepoort: Between “Mcfats LGP” and “Bottleneck Bulge”
Tonquani: Either side of “Reunion Slab”
Grootkloof: Either side of “Lilliput Ridge”

Please contact Tam Scheidegger if you have any queries, photos, and other info about the Eagles that should be out there for all climbers. 

Tam (MCSA JHB Conservation Convenor)