WCC International Workshops | 16–19 July 2023

Join Nataleigh Bell, Jan De Smit & Marco Jubes for workshops in routesetting & coaching...

Calling all routesetters and coaches – Western Cape Climbing is bringing some properly exciting workshops your way this July!

The WCC team is putting the funds raised in last year’s Development Raffle to good use, arranging for Belgium’s Nataleigh Bell and Jan De Smit, and Spain’s Marco Jubes to come through to share their expertise in a three-day routesetting workshop on 16 to 18 July, followed by a coaching workshop on 19 July.

With insights and tips from Nataleigh, Jan and Marco – who are all accomplished climbers and industry professionals – our local setters and coaches can continue to grow SA’s competitive climbing and better equip our athletes for international competitions.

Note that both workshops are completely FREE and spots are limited. Participants need to have decent setting experience to attend the routesetting workshop, while the coaching workshop is open to coaches of all experience levels.

Check out all the details and get more info on your workshop leaders below, and click the button/s to apply. Applications close at midnight on 30 April 2023, so get going!