2023 IFSC World Cup Team Announced

See who made the cut for the 2023 IFSC YWC...

After a smashing Youth Selections event at CityROCK Johannesburg from 17 to 20 March, the South African National Climbing Federation (SANCF) has ended the suspense and published the provisional list of athletes selected for the youth team that will be representing South Africa in the 2023 IFSC Youth World Championships (YWC) in Seoul, South Korea later this year.


● Ilke Pepler (Lead & Boulder)
● Annelien le Roux (Lead & Boulder)
● Maia Davies (Lead)
● Tiffany Bouwer (Boulder)
● Sara Adams (Speed)


● Patrick Bartleet (Lead & Boulder)
● Thomas Luger (Lead & Speed)
● Colt Miles (Boulder & Speed)
● Jasper Marais (Lead)
● Adam Preston (Boulder)
● Morgan Atkinson (Speed)


● Ariane Janata-Burns (Lead & Boulder)
● Caitlin Bouwer (Lead)
● Jade Vogt (Lead)
● Arielle Coetzer (Boulder)
● Aimee Hattingh (Boulder)


● Fayzan Adroos (Lead, Boulder & Speed)
● Nicholas Allan (Lead & Boulder)
● Tiaan le Roux (Lead)
● Joey Johnson (Boulder)
● Michael McGowan (Speed)


● Rauen Krohn (Lead & Boulder)
● Cara Pepler (Lead & Boulder)
● Beatrix Mills (Lead & Boulder)


● Jack Burningham (Lead & Boulder)
● Jean Labuschagne (Lead)
● Daniel Hill (Lead)
● Jordan Purdy (Boulder)
● Ronan Purdy (Boulder)
● Dylan Odgers (Speed)
● Wian Badenhorst (Speed)
● Luke Caetano (Speed)

(Note that this is a provisional list and it is subject to change.)

Arielle Coetzer competing at last year’s YWC in Dallas, USA. Photo by SA Youth Worlds Climbing.

Congratulations to all the selected athletes – your hard work has paid off, now keep on training hard and get ready to rock it on the international stage. Accompanying the youth athletes will be the YWC Management Team which includes:

● Ziyad Adroos (Manager & Lead SANCF Official)
● Carmen Bouwer (Assistant Manager)
● Tiffany Wells (Head Coach)
● KP Pule (Assistant Coach)

The YWC provides an excellent opportunity for our athletes to test their performance under pressure and face off against some fierce opponents, which is an invaluable experience for any competitive climber, especially those with their eyes on the Olympics. Unfortunately, SANCF is unable to fund the team’s competition costs at this stage, so it is up to the athletes and the community to support our young champs’ journey.

Keep an eye open for updates and get your pom poms ready!