Where to Find Your Perfect Slackline

Discover local stores that stock quality lines from South Africa and around the globe.

Having been invented by climbers in the Yosemite campground back in the 1980s, it’s no wonder slacklining is a perfect complement to rock climbing. Luckily, for all of us wanting to enjoy the physical and mental benefits (along with the fun) of slacklining, South Africa has plenty of outlets where you can find your perfect line…

Photo credit: Eran Waldeck


While there are numerous stores that stock world-class lines from international companies, there are also a few excellent, local, small-scale brands that would love some support from the community:


Founded by the late Sylvain Burki – the father of Highlining in Rocklands – SlackGear is a proudly South African company that designs, tests and manufactures a range of slacklining and highlining gear. From fully inclusive kits and freestanding set-ups, to highline accessories and pulley systems, SlackGear’s product offering is high-quality, affordable and powered by a group of passionate athletes who want to give their community the best.

SlackGear favours the so-called ‘primitive’ rigging system, also known as the Ellington set-up. This uses carabiners, rings, pulleys and other simple gear to set up a line in place of a ratchet. This makes for a more lightweight kit, and it allows you to gain a real understanding of the physics behind line rigging – perfect for the gearheads and purists!

Viper Slacklines

Viper is a relatively new player in the Slackline market, founded in Cape Town by two passionate slackers and adventurers. Their store stocks slackline kits and accompanying gear, and they offer both pathetic and primitive rigging systems. In safer times, Viper hosted regular Slackline meets in parks, beaches and even at the trampoline park Rush. In addition to conventional slack- and highlining, the Viper team is also experienced in tricklining, making them a great place to start if you’re seeking a real adrenaline rush.

Flow DNA

Specialising primarily in flow art equipment – such as poi, juggling props, lyra hoops and more – Flow DNA is a Cape Town-based company created by Duncan Greenwood. They currently offer a 15m slackline from Swiss brand Barefoot Slacklines. This is a great option if you’re looking for good all-round line from indie international suppliers, but still want to show your support for our local businesses.


If you want to expand your search to include the fantastic lines produced all over the world, there are a number of South African retailers you can turn to:

Mountain Mail Order

Mountain Mail Order (MMO) stocks a wide range of Gibbon slacklines on their online store and in their physical branches located at the CityROCK gyms in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The MMO team are incredibly knowledgable about the gear and kits on offer, so they can help you pick the right Slackline for your goals and experience level; they stock up to 25m long, and includes travel kits, freestanding frame kits, beginner lines, tricklines, surfer lines and accessories.

Camp & Climb

Camp & Climb, located in Paarden Eiland, offers two slacklines from small-scale UK company Macaco. The brand was founded by Tobias Hardy who got hooked after trying out slacklining in a campsite, only to discover that the slacklines available were pretty pricey for someone just starting out the sport; as such, their lines are top quality and incredibly affordable. Camp & Climb stocks the 16m Classic Slackline Set which – is great for beginner, intermediate and advanced slackliners – along with the 26m Macaco Longline Set, which includes a training line to get you off on the right foot.


If you’re looking for a 2,5cm line with a ratchet system, check out Singing Rock’s 15m slackline kit, available on Campcraft’s online store. The majority of ratchet lines are 5cm wide, but many find it easier and/or more comfortable to walk a thinner line, and would like to skip the slightly more complicated primitive set up method. The Singing Rock line is great for newbies and veterans; however, you will need to purchase tree protectors separately to ensure you don’t damage vegetation during your sessions.

Shop around, pick your perfect match, and get out there to tackle some webbing!