ATTENTION: TMNP Bouldering Regulations

An important note to all boulderers wanting to climb in TMNP...

Back in June 2022 Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) – thanks to the efforts of the Mountain Club of South Africa Cape Town section – officially recognised bouldering as a permitted activity within the park, with the exception of remote wilderness areas such as Red Hill. Furthermore, an Activity Permit is not needed for bouldering. This development marked massive progress for the South African climbing scene, but there is still work to be done.

Read more about the authorisation of bouldering in TMNP here.

Although bouldering is now included in the official South African National Parks (SANParks) Sport Climbing Environmental Management Plan (EMP), there is a distinct lack of awareness about the changes among park rangers, which has led to numerous incidents of boulders being wrongly confronted and threatened with fines. As such, we strongly recommend that everyone intending to climb in a TMNP area save and/or print out the below documents to present to any park rangers you may meet as proof that bouldering is a permitted activity.

The MCSA is hard at work collaborating with SANParks to educate rangers about the new regulations, and they need our help in spreading awareness. If you do meet a ranger who is unaware of these changes, remain calm and patient as you state your case – maintaining a positive relationship with park authorities is in everyone’s best interest!

Stay educated, keep safe, and enjoy the climbing!


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