UPDATE: Lakeside Fire Damage

It seems like Lakeside Pinnacle is safe for climbing after a wildfire on the mountain slopes!

UPDATE: Following inspections of the Lakeside crag by members of the community, it looks like the rock is in good shape and safe for climbing. Make sure to stay on the path and step carefully to avoid rock slides. Enjoy!

Yesterday afternoon, Monday 16 January 2023, saw a large wildfire envelope the mountain slopes along Boyes Drive in the Lakeside area (Western Cape), including the walk-in to the Lakeside Pinnacle crag.

The fire was swiftly reported and contained by personnel (and five helicopters) from numerous brave crews, including City of Cape Town Fire and Rescue, South African National Parks, Working on Fire and Winelands Fire Protection Association.

While the blaze primarily affected the slopes and left the actual crag relatively untouched, it is recommended that climbers stay clear until the rock and bolts can be properly inspected and evaluated to confirm if the rock is still safe for climbing.

Keep your eye on our home page and social profiles for updates, and stay safe out there!