Boven Crag Clean Report

Check out the recent maintenance work done by ityROCK JHB volunteers at the Tranquilitas crags...

South Africa is home to some of the best climbing locations in the world, and it’s essential that we take care of our crags so that they can be enjoyed for years to come with minimal damage to the environment. The only way for us to maintain our crags is for all of us to do our part – besides staying on the marked path, packing all of your trash (and toilet paper) out with you, and leaving the environment as you find it, you can also make a difference by joining a crag day!

CityROCK Johannesburg recently embarked on a mission to Waterval Boven, one of SA’s premier sport climbing destinations, with a team of eight volunteers to carry out some much-needed crag maintenance. The plan was to reinforce the descent to The Creche with some wooden steps, and do some pruning and clearing throughout the Tranquilitas crags.

The path that leads down to The Creche is a steep gulley that has seen significant wear and tear over the years, thanks to the many climbers who have enjoyed a visit to this classic easy crag. To help curb erosion and save the community from some nasty falls, the team installed some gum poles as steps and reinforced these with well-packed rocks and dirt to keep them nice and solid. Once the stairs were done, the volunteers turned their attention to the overgrown foliage at the Tranquilitas crags – debris was cleared and bushes and trees were trimmed back to open up the approaches and crag bases. After a morning of hard and sweaty work, it was time for the team to enjoy a well-deserved afternoon climb!

While the idea of cutting back natural flora may seem a bit barbaric, the reality is that we need to maintain our crags in this way for the benefit of both climbers and the environment. If paths and bases become overgrown and difficult to navigate, people will end up making their own way through the bush. By ensuring our dedicated crag spaces are clean and clear, we can keep climbers where they are supposed to be and reduce our impact on the surrounding areas.

Enjoy the refurbished crags and keep your eyes open for the next crag clean!