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[Solved] Indoor Training Partner Cape Town


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Hi all,

I’m looking for someone to climb with at CR twice a week (preferably Tues and Thurs), as my training partner will be moving overseas with her boyfriend in a few weeks.

I’m climbing around 24, and have been climbing for 20 years 🙂 

Joined: 11 months ago
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Hey Chris. 


I also just moved here from JHB. 


Have you managed to find someone to climb with? I’d be super keen to belay buddy you. 


I haven’t climbed for about 4 months (I was road tripping a bit) but was leading 18/19/20 and top roping 20/21/21. I can still belay comfortably though. 


Message me on 0788041949 if you’re keen on a catch 🙂 

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Hey guys, I’m also keen to join in on climbing at City Rock. I started climbing earlier this year but have mostly just been on the easy routes at Silvermine (lead and top-rope). Would be nice to gain more confidence by climbing at City Rock!