Epic Ascent: Ryan Peel & Steve Hoffe Conquer Drakensberg’s Devil’s Tooth

Watch Ryan Peel and Steve Hoffe as they conquer one of the most iconic routes in the Drakensberg

Watch as climbers Ryan Peel (1 on 1 Adventures) and Steve Hoffe tackle the legendary Devil’s Tooth in the Drakensberg, capturing their remarkable 23-hour ascent on video. The classic 145-metre traditional climbing route is renowned for its difficulty, not only in terms of the climb itself but also due to the demanding hike to the start, which takes a gruelling 8 hours.

In their latest adventure, Peel and Hoffe showcase their climbing expertise and determination as they navigate the steep and challenging terrain of Devil’s Tooth. The ascent, which required them to push their physical and mental limits, is a testament to their skill and endurance.

This climb is more than just a physical challenge; it is a journey through one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. The Drakensberg mountains, with their rugged beauty and awe-inspiring views, provide the perfect backdrop for this epic feat. The video captures the essence of this adventure, offering viewers a front-row seat to the highs and lows of the climb, from the initial approach to the final summit.

For those passionate about climbing and adventure this video is a must-watch, highlighting not only the technical aspects of traditional climbing but also the camaraderie and perseverance that define the sport.