Wind, Ice & Dragons

Check out these two great videos on Will Gadd's whirlwind 10-day climbing trip in the Drakensberg in July 2023.

“One of the best new routes I’ve opened in my life!” Will Gadd

Wind, Ice and Dragons is filmed and edited by Garrreth Bird. Will Gadd takes on a new route: Wind, Ice & Dragons (WI6 M8), the toughest mixed climb in South Africa, located at Giants Castle in the breathtaking Drakensberg.

Filmed and edited by Garrreth Bird. Produced by Will Gadd. Featuring: Will Gadd; Timothy Larsen; Colin McCoy; Loyd Anderson and Franco Houy

Will Gadd’s video “South African Ice Climbing” takes you through his whole experience; starting from beach weather and ending with new routes, two broken tents, baboons on top of the climbs, and a frozen toe.

When Will Gadd saw Tim Larsen’s Instagram pictures of ice climbing in South Africa, he knew he had to go. With few expectations, Gadd was astonished by the quality of the ice and mixed lines.

The new routes included Wind, Ice and Dragons (M8 WI6, 120m), Chakacanaka (WI4, 30m), and Nik Nak Ice Crack (M9, 20m). “We’ve learned to see routes,” Larsen said about establishing challenging mixed lines after Gadd bolted a steep route.