Join the Cecilia Forest Hack

Join the MCSA, SANParks and Friends of Table Mountain in clearing alien vegetation from Cecelia Forest.

SANParks and Friends of Table Mountain are collaborating, with the help of the MCSA, to clear alien vegetation in Cecelia Forest.  

Non-native plants cause numerous problems for South African flora, partly due to their lack of natural enemies and heightened resistance to local diseases. This enables these plants to aggressively invade indigenous ecosystems, which in turn threatens biodiversity, reduces water availability and increases the risk and intensity of wildfires. Doctor of Biology, former UCT Professor and South African trad climbing legend Edmund February commented on the dangers of alien vegetation following the Rhodes Memorial fire in April 2021. February’s Facebook post stressed the need for institutions and the community to help clear the area to protect the landscape.

Edmund February cutting down invasive pine trees. click here for more info.

This is an ongoing project with meets every couple of months; you can attend once to try it out, or make it a regular thing – all are welcome and no commitment is necessary! 

Meet at the Cecilia Forest parking lot. Please wear strong shoes and protective clothing, and bring a hat, gloves, sunblock, snacks and water. Your own hand saws and loppers are welcome, but the MCSA has equipment if you do not.

To get involved, contact leader Michael Champanis:

WhatsApp: 060 991 0653