Lakeside Crag Clean Report

Check out some pics and updates from CityROCK Cape Town's recent crag clean at Lakeside Pinnacle...

By Storm Myburgh
CityROCK Gym, Studio & Marketing Manager


As avid climbers and outdoor enthusiasts, we are always looking for ways to make a positive impact on the places we love to explore. Recently, we had the opportunity to do just that at Lakeside Pinnacle, a popular Cape Town crag.

Jayson Orton, a fellow mountain enthusiast who lives nearby Lakeside and regularly checks up on and clears the path when he climbs there, notified the Cape Town MCSA section of a large, loose block at the base of the crag, and CityROCK was put to the task.  Our group consisted of around 15 people, including Jayson, UCT MSC students, and CityROCK staff & members.

Due to a recent fire on the mountain, the path was quite open with not much vegetation, but we still packed rocks along the way, put some more cairns in place, and sawed away a few burnt branches to make the path clearer. Cairns are crucial for keeping people on the designated route and preventing them from creating their own way up the mountain, which can not only be unsafe but also increases our impact on the ecosystem. We also cleared loose rocks from the base of the crag to make it a slightly more comfortable area to belay and hang out.

Aside from these little tweaks, our main focus was to secure the loose block at the base of the crag mentioned by Jayson; due to its size and position people often sit on or lean against it, which gradually destabilised the rock. This posed an obvious safety hazard for hikers, climbers and people driving on the road below the crag, and it was essential to take care of it as soon as possible to prevent any accidents. To tackle the task, we carted cement, buckets, spades and water up the path and got to work. We packed rocks at the base of the block, gathered and sifted sand from the base of the crag, and mixed it with cement to secure the base of the block and keep it from shifting out of place.

After all the hard work, we were ready to climb! It was a great day spent out in nature, and we all left feeling fulfilled and grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community. It’s important to remember that as climbers and outdoor enthusiasts, we have a responsibility to take care of the places we love and lend a helping hand whenever we can. With small actions like these, we can make a big difference in preserving our natural environments and ensuring everyone can enjoy them safely for years to come.

Thank you to everyone who came through to help out! Let your local MCSA section know if you spot any safety hazards at a crag, and stay safe out there.