Building a Home Wall

Find out how to get your home climbing wall set up safely.

Many a climber dreams of equipping their home with a climbing wall to call their very own – but how do you set up your own mini gym without breaking the bank or your home? We’ve put together a quick guide for what you need, where to find it and who to call for a helping hand…


The basic gear you need for a home climbing wall is:

● A wall (obviously) 
● Grips 
● Mounting equipment (e.g. t-nuts, bolts, screws)
● Basic construction tools (e.g. drills, allen keys, hammer, etc.)
● Crash pads/mats of some kind (safety first!)

Many climbers choose to build their climbing wall onto an existing structure – like a bedroom wall – using wooden supports and plywood for a relatively inexpensive and strong set-up. 

As for grips and mounting gear, you should be able to find them at your local climbing gear shop. A great option is to get yourself a pre-made gear bundle, such as the Metolius Mega Grip Pack. This includes a large selection of grips (either 30, 40, 50 or 60 depending on which pack you choose), t-nuts, bolts, screws, a wrench, and an instruction manual.


The internet is a magical realm where you can learn almost anything, including setting up a dope home wall. Here are a few helpful blogs and YouTube videos that you can use as a starting point:

How to Build a Backyard Climbing Wall at Home

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Own Climbing Gym at Home

How to Build a Climbing Wall

Of course, the safer and wiser option is to consult an expert – especially if you aren’t particularly well-versed in DIY construction projects. If you’re feeling bougie, you can even get someone in to build your home gym for you! We’ve listed some local legends below that can help you design and build your perfect personal climbing cave – if you know anyone we could add to this list, please email us at

Cape Town
(for home walls & medium-sized boulder gyms)

Stephan Fourie – 076 162 3332 

Chris Naude – 063 538 4516 /

(for home walls)

Scallywags Climbing (Wesley Antonites)  – / 082 565 0269

(large wall builder; based in Pretoria) 

Mike Behr – / 083 650 4688 /

And, of course, another excellent way to get advice, resources and contacts is by making a post on your favourite local community forum – get out there, make friends, have fun and be safe!