SANCF National Sport Climbing Championships | Cape Town

Western Cape Climbing are proud to host the SANCF National Climbing Championships 2022 in Cape Town from 26 - 27 March 2022.

We’ve had some exciting competitions over the past couple of months, and things are just getting better with the upcoming SANCF National Sport Climbing Championships!

Western Cape Climbing will be hosting the competition in Cape Town from 26 – 27 March 2022. City ROCK Cape Town will host the Lead and Speed disciplines on the Saturday, followed by the Bouldering round at Bloc 11 Paarden Eiland on Sunday. Come on down to the the gyms to show our local athletes some support and keep your eye on our home page and social media feeds for the results.

A shout out to the following fantastic sponsors and supporters for being part of this exciting event: CultureLab Kombucha, vida e caffè, Black Diamond South Africa, Petzl, La Sportiva, Rogge Cloof, Sutherland, Adventure Living, Vertigo Gear.

For more info, the information booklet and athlete registration click here.


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