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Chosspile Access Up...
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Chosspile Access Update


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After a brief closure after two car break ins on the 16th March, access to Chosspile has been restored. Please take note of the updated access to the crag:

  • All guests are to park at the Mount Amanzi reception parking, once entry is paid for guests will now walk over to the chosspile gate to attract less attention. No cars will be parked beyond the Chosspile gate.
  • ⁠Please move in groups no smaller than 4 people for your safety. When entering or exiting, please try to do so in a larger group wherever possible.
  • ⁠Guests are required to sign out at reception when returning to their cars.
  • ⁠Guests are reminded that entry to Chosspile is at their own risk. Neither the MCSA, Rissik Estate nor Mt Amanzi will be held liable for any loss or damages a guest may suffer while on the Chosspile property.
  • ⁠Access to this crag is extremely sensitive and we are all responsible for upholding standards of good practice when visiting the crag, this includes looking out for other climbers.