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Cecilia Forest Hack…
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Cecilia Forest Hacks


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Hacking is a fitness, strengh and conditioning “hack” for climbing. 

Why pay money for pilates, yoga or gym when you can do it all for no fee and feel good about doing something environmentally beneficial too.

Hacks take place every Tuesday from around 16h30 to dark.  The goal is to clear the blue gum trees on the north (city) side of the stream before they grow to big and to allow the Yellowwoods and other indigenous plants to flourish.  

The fun work is felling the trees but the real work is clearing the felled sapplings.  

If you have tools, bring them.  If not they will be provided.  No petrol chain saws allowed!

There is no red tape at these hacks and no pep talks and so on.  Arrive and get stuck in.  If you do not know what to do and there is no one around to guide you, then simply work at clearing the alread felled saplings and drag them to the road side and stack them there on the existing pile that is visible as you drive past. 

Park on the pavement opposite the pile or at the Cecilia forest parking and then walk up the road (north) towards Cape Town.