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Asterix and Obelix …
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Asterix and Obelix crags, Citrusdal


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Richard Halsey, Tim Larsen, me (Snort) and some others have developed a new high value crag just some 2 hours from Cape Town 14km south of Citrusdal, on the east side of the Olifants river. There are some 20 routes there with potential for several hundred sport and trad routes of all grades ranging from 10 to 30+++.

Just this weekend a new trad 23 (Crackatax) was done by me and Squeaks did a sport 22 on the same panel. Both routes are excellent on good rock and the trad route is especially technical.

2 other sport routes have been bolted, Snortitrix 24 being one of them, that was onsighted by David James, Squeaks and Tiaan Le Roux in the past few weeks. Next to it is found The Matrix 16 on its right and Dominatrix 25 (sprad) on its left.

Panalex Panel routes April 2022


There is also a 26 sport route.

There are several trad routes with bolts where needed ranging from 14 to 25.

Sign up for the MCSA meet on the 10 to 12 September to check it out and bring your first ascent and onsight skills.

Camping is fantastic at Leopards Tree campsite and also at nearby more formal accommodation such as Wolvekop glamping villages. There are lots of walks and cycling to be done.  

A pdf guide book will be forthcoming in due course, but contact me or Squeaks or Tim for beta on the crag.  

Naming of routes is thematically related to  Asterix and Obelix – or sort of…. This will become obvious when reading the names.

Crackatax 23