Gear Is Expensive, Make It Last

Use Nikwax cleaning & waterproofing products to save your gear and money.

We all know that adventure gear costs a pretty penny and, even though it’s hard to part with your hard-earned cash, one of the best things you can do for your wallet is to pick up some dedicated care and cleaning products for your gear. 

Established back in 1977, Nikwax has long been an industry leader in gear maintenance thanks to their wide range of high quality, effective cleaning and weather-proofing products. Thanks to some super fancy science involving elastic water-repellent polymers (which you can read about here), Nikwax treatments help to keep your waterproof gear waterproofing, while still allowing for breathability and sweat evaporation.  


If you want to give your gear the royal treatment (and save as much money as possible) you can use their recommended two-stage treatment system: clean, then proof. All of Nikwax’s products have either green or purple packaging – green for clean, purple for proofing. By first washing with a cleaning product and then following up with a Nikwax proofing product, you can restore your gear to near-perfect condition.

Nikwax treated fabric _ dry, warm and comfy.
Untreated fabric – cold, clammy and grumpy.

Here are just a few of the most popular Nikwax products, along with some usage recommendations:

Nikwax Tech Wash 300ml

TECH WASH: An easy-to-use detergent for clothing and equipment that will get gear squeaky clean and restore waterproofing.

Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In 300ml

TX DIRECT WASH-IN: Simply add this into your washing machine with your rain jacket and flysheet to get maximum water resistance and breathability.

Nikwax TX Direct Spray On 300ml

TX DIRECT SPRAY ON: Spray onto flysheets, tarps and clothing with wicking liners to add a waterproof layer.

FOOTWEAR CLEANING GEL: Perfect for your GORE-TEX boots, this will keep your footsies dry and stink-free.

CONDITIONER FOR LEATHER: From classic leather hiking boots and jackets to climbing shoes, this will keep your leather-ware supple, comfy and dry.

NUBUCK & SUEDE PROOF: This keeps your suede and nubuck footwear soft and breathable while adding a waterproof layer for both comfort and durability.

DOWN WASH DIRECT: A winter essential, this gets your down sleeping bag and jackets nice and clean while adding water-repellency and preserving breathability.

DOWN PROOF: Pair this with the Down Wash Direct to waterproof your down gear, which not only keeps it dry but also improves insulation for extra cosy warmth.

WOOL WASH: Wash your base layers with this to get rid of odours, enhance cooling and sweat-wicking properties, and make your wool dry faster.

TENT AND GEAR SOLARPROOF: As the name suggests, this not only helps to keep outdoor gear waterproof, but it also protects it from harmful UV rays to preserve strength and longevity.

ROPE PROOF: Obviously a must-have for climbers, this helps your rope to resist abrasion, repel water and stay stronger for longer – simply add to a bucket with water, soak your rope and wash.

Remember to always follow the instructions for each product, and use only as instructed on the appropriate materials – even though it’s tempting to try and waterproof everything you own. Save yourself some cash and give your gear the best by grabbing some Nikwax magic (and an after-care guide) from your local gear store – you’ll thank yourself later!