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The All Mountain Festival is on the horizon and we’re having the best time putting together all our gear and goodies. There’s a lot on the packing list, especially for those in gunning for All Mountain gold – have a look at our mountain must-haves below and get your winning kit together!

Camping & General Supplies

If you’re camping at Tranquilitas Adventure Farm, you’re in luck! The campsite has great amenities, including communal ablution blocks (with toilets, basins and hot showers), communal fire pits and braai areas, and plug points. It may be a wee bit nippy in the evenings, so pack warm!

Here are a few of the essentials we’d recommend bringing along:

  • Tent (or a hammock if you’re feeling especially adventurous – just make sure to bring a sleeping mat and/or blankets to line the hammock and keep away the chilly)
  • Sleeping bag, mat & pillow (don’t be that wombat who has to sleep on a pile of socks)
  • – Clothes (please)
  • Jacket
  • Headlamp or torch
  • Coffee supplies


If you don’t have your own sport climbing gear, you can rent a harness, climbing shoes, chalk bag, and helmet from CityROCK. And if you don’t have the other gear on this list, get out there and make some friends to climb with!

Trail Running
Mountain Biking
  • – Bike (quite important)
  • – Helmet
  • – Cycling kit, shoes and gloves
  • Bottles/hydration pack (x2)
  • – Multi-tool & chain breaker
  • – CO2 canister or hand pump
  • – Arm warmers or second skin
  • – Spare tube
  • – Tyre plug kit
  • – Spare lube
  • – Hydration mix
  • – High-carb snack
  • Buff

If you need help finding the right gear or putting together your kit, chat to the shop team at CityROCK or get in touch with us at

We’ll catch you in the mountains!

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