Tjoms in Arms – TIA – This is Africa!

Tjoms in Arms is for everyone. It's a boulder comp with a twist, you can't climb by yourself...

Tjoms in Arms is for everyone. It’s a boulder comp with a twist, you can’t climb by yourself…

A Tjom is a valuable thing in climbing, they push you to try your hardest and don’t take your excuses too seriously. The vibe when you’re climbing with someone is indescribable, it’s easy to try that little bit harder and give it one more try. So if you’re a complete beginner who’s never climbed in a comp or a master looking to show the SA scene what you’ve got, find yourself a partner with the same dreams and aspirations, register for TIA and enjoy a day of climbing and vibing with your Tjom.

If you’re not into the whole “competition” thing then come for a morning of well set climbs with a bunch of maats and a lekker social scene in the evening.

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Friends and Allies
Friends and Allies