Support the Snapdragon Showdown – 22 Jan

Chris Cosser and Mel Janse Van Rensburg are going head to head for a good cause...

On Saturday 22 January, two of South Africa’s best climbers will go head to head on the endurance classic Snapdragon (29) to raise money for the Emgwenya Climbers, Waterval Boven’s local club.

Starting at 10am, Mel Janse Van Rensburg and Chris Cosser will be battling it out to see how many times each of them can send this world-famous monster in 12 hours. The community can play their part by pledging a donation amount per climb, and/or by placing bets on the final outcome.

A vintage pic of the pair, photo by Gustav Janse Van Rensburg

1. Pledge an amount to be paid per combined amount of climbs. Say you pledge R10 per climb and each climber completes Snapdragon 5 times; this will be calculated as R10 x 2 x 5 = R100.
2. You can bet on the final score like in a sports game, R100 per bet. Half of the takings will be added to the fund raiser amount and the other half will be the prize money for the closest bet.
* In order to bet a minimum donation of R1 per lap is required.

All money raised will go towards supporting Boven’s local climbers and getting them to international competition destinations this coming year. Visit the link below to place your bets and pledge your donations – let’s get our local stars to the world stage their talents deserve!


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