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Important Askari ac…
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Important Askari access changes – please follow access arrangements when entering Tonquani from Askari


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To all MCSA Johannesburg and Magaliesberg members.  

It is with sadness and frustration that we have to remind people of the need to sign in at Askari reception when entering Tonquani from the Askari side.  This is essential to our relationship with Askari which has been jeopardised recently, again, by members failing to follow this and causing mounting friction with Askari and jeopardising our Askari access.  We wish to stress that this is NOT PERMANENT, but rather a measure to move the club and Askari towards an improved system of access which has for years caused issues.  We ask that you please share this with your friends and respect the new temporary access arrangements.  Once we have installed a new gate and repaired the road, we will hopefully be able to ease access once again.  


Lastly, we thank you all in advance for your understanding on this – the club needs member support here to bolster relationships and maintain Askari and Dome South Access.  


Stephen Hoffe – Chairman, Johannesburg Section


Please contact the MCSA for current access arrangements.