Ground Yourself: Yoga Gear

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By Storm Myburgh

Yoga isn’t just fun and all-round great for you – it also boasts a far smaller price tag than rock climbing. With just a few key pieces, you’ve got yourself the perfect namaste pack to kickstart your journey of discovering your most noodly and majestic inner self (or just flop around and have fun).

Check out the recommendations of Storm, CityROCK Cape Town’s very own Studio Manager, and grab your tools of wellbeing at your favourite local gear shop…

Meet Your Mat

While you can rent a mat at most yoga studios and many have settled for a towel in times of need, getting your own yoga mat goes a long way in comfort and commitment! 

Mountain Mail Order (and the CityROCK gear shops) offers two different Asoka mats: 

The Eco Mat is lighter and 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable.

The Performa Alignment Mat is heavier, but it’s still eco-friendly and offers increased grip. It also has a lovely line down the centre to aid with your alignment in poses.

When looking to buy a mat, look for a line of cotton inside the mat (it’s a white line down the rubber). When in poses that stretch your mat, such as downward dog, it keeps the mat from tearing. Cheaper mats (like the ones you might find at various unnamed local fast fashion stores) won’t have this inner lining, and they won’t last as long. A lined mat may cost a penny more, but if you plan to use it even just a couple of times a week, it’s worth the investment. It will offer more durability, aid in your practice and gift many happy sessions on the mat – just keep it away from pointy cats.  

While you’re at it, pick up one of the most underrated pieces of kit – a yoga towel. They just happen to be on special at the moment, and they really come in handy when you’re melting away during Budokon and Vinyasa. Keep your mat clean, dry and not gross – plus, use it as a fancy hat for special occasions!

Pick Your Pant

For our manly men (and all those on the shyer side) – if you want to brave a yoga or pilates class, but you don’t want to brave a pair of tights, don’t panic! We’ve got a bunch of stunning options for you that offer the same flexibility and Insta clout as a pair of skin-tight lycras, with added durability and pockets (!!)  

I personally love the Prana Halle and Zion pants – they are durable, comfy and allow for full range of motion to pull your body into a pretzel. They are also really great to wear while climbing – added bonus! If you want a pop of colour, check out Ocun’s kaleidoscopic collection.

Grab Those Bendy Bottoms

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