Rocklands Highline Festival | 28 March to 1 April

Mark your calendars for the 2024 Rocklands Highline Fest!

Calling all highliners, slackliners and adventure-loving folks – the 2024 Rocklands Highline Festival is on the horizon!

Date: 28 March to 1 April
Place: De Pakhuys, Rocklands, Cederberg

In a nutshell, this event gathers together outdoor lovers to experience and share the joy of highlining (and slacklining and climbing and yoga and MORE) in the mountain mecca of Rocklands. The lines go up on Thursday the 28th of March and come down on Monday the 1st of April. Everyone is welcome, regardless of skill-set or experience level, and entry is completely free – you’ll just need to cover your camping costs!

The event is once again based at and hosted by the one and only De Pakhuys; you can book a cabin here (depending on availability), or choose to camp and just check in and pay at the campsite office.

Mark your calendars, scroll on for more details and follow @rocklands_highline_fest on Instagram for all the latest updates!


Nestled in the crag above De Pakhuys campsite, you will find highlines ranging in length and style, making it a perfect place for beginners to absorb everything there is to know about this adrenaline-inducing sport. 

You’ll ascend Sylvain’s Trail from the campsite, a short walk followed by a scramble to reach the highline anchors. This is where countless slackliners have taken their first steps on a highline thanks to the community who gather with a focus on safely developing this young and growing sport.

The first ‘meeting’ took place here in 2014, with Sylvain Burki leading the charge and being considered the father of highlining in Rocklands until his passing in 2015. His passion and energy in the scene are still felt today when we walk some of the same lines he once rigged, using webbing from SlackGear, which he founded. Here you will find a feeling of connection to your body, breath, and fellow highliners. 

What to Expect

Three days of highlining and community-led workshops in the most incredible setting of orange sandstone. You can expect yoga outdoors, flow arts, fire-lit dinners, and bouldering at night. Bring your own food and drinks; a small shop is open during the day and a bar during the evenings on the weekend. 

We encourage you to get involved, share your slacklines around camp, and add your energy to the event. If you have experience with rigging or would like to lend a hand and learn, send a message to the Instagram page!

Taking Your First Steps

If you are interested in trying highlining for the first time, this is the event for you! With a community of experienced highliners there to ensure lines are rigged safely, guide you through the process and cheer you on from the anchors, rolling out into the void for the first time is made a little bit easier. Plus, the 20-meter beginner lines are rigged on nylon, helping to make your first wobbly steps and the exhilarating whip that follows more comfortable. 

What to Bring

  • Harness (if you have one)
  • Long-sleeved shirt, long pants
  • Hat & sunscreen
  • Water bottle (water available in the campsite kitchen)
  • Yoga mat 
  • Camping gear 
  • Food & cooking supplies
  • Firewood (can be purchased from De Pakhuys or in Clanwilliam)
  • Drinking water (water is available at the campsite kitchen) 
  • Rubbish bag 

Bizarre, But Noteworthy

Water is available at the campsite kitchen and is safe to drink; however, it is best to bring enough drinking water (to be on the safe side). De Pakhuys accepts organic waste but asks you to take your rubbish out of the campsite with you – so bring a rubbish bag. In Rocklands, toilet paper is worth its weight in gold; bring your own TP for the long weekend. 

Check our more highlining content on Riding the Highline if webbing makes you all tingly or you’d like to learn more, and get psyched for a lekker weekend!

A note from the organisers: This is a community-led event with the support of De Pakhuys campsite. Please respect the event space, the organizers, and everyone attending by acting responsibly. Keep an eye out for the safety of others and add your energy where you feel it is welcomed.