Video: Mel Janse van Rensburg Sends Mazawattee

Mel Janse van Rensburg sends the notorious Mazawattee. 35 (8c+)

At the beginning of March last year, Mel Janse van Rensburg became the fifth person to send the notorious Mazawattee (35 / 8c+) in Montagu.

At just 20 years old, he is the youngest South African to tick this grade; over his short climbing career, Mel has achieved an impressive list of sends, marking a promising future for this young rockstar. The route was bolted by local legend Sean Maasch in the 90’s, and it had already earned an imposing reputation by the time it was opened by Adam Ondra in 2009. It has received attention from the South African and international climbing community, but, until now, had seen no repeats since Clinton Martinengo’s send in 2013.

Climbers who have climbed Mazawattee are:

1. Adam Ondra
2. Arjan de Kock
3. Paul Brouard
4. Clinton Martinengo
5. Mel Janse van Rensburg

Video Produced & Edited by Willem de Wet

Additional Footage by Gustav Janse van Rensburg

Music: Fortune Days – Glitch Mob Dance Dance, Don’t Delay – Twin Musicom