WATCH | Gosia Lipinska Sends Mono (29)

Check out Lise Wessels' epic video of Gosia Lipinska's latest send!

Top Cape Town climber Gosia Lipinska recently claimed victory at The Mine with her send of the powerful ultra-classic Mono (29), and all of it was captured for the history books by fellow climber and content creator Lise Wessels.

Mono, which saw its first ascent back in 1993 by Adrian Kohler, is a much beloved route that weaves its way through cracks, roofs and flakes to make for a tough, yet highly enjoyable, climb featuring plenty of heel hooks and a spectacular knee bar rest. Gosia, of course, makes it looks easy as pie.

This is just the latest in her long tick list of impressive routes, which includes Sibamba Ngazibini (28), Dream Street Rose (28), Monkey Pump (29), Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal (29), Firestarter (29), Million Dollar Giveaway (30) and Switchbitch (31).

Lise – herself an accomplished climber and artist – worked on another film with Gosia in 2021 called Sibamba Mama, which focused on her send of Sibamba Ngazibini, as well as her journey of balancing work, climbing and being mother to two little ones. Check it out below, and click the button to see some more epic send videos from Lise featuring some familiar faces!