Chris Cosser & Kyra Condie on YouTube

Check our Chris Cosser & Kyra Condie's new YouTube series!

South African Sport climber and Olympian Christopher Cosser has been living it up and training hard in Salt Lake City, arguable the centre of competitive sport climbing in the United States. Along with indoor and outdoor climbing sessions, Chris has been getting involved with the climbing community in other ways, his latest venture being a new series with professional US climber and fellow Olmpyian Kyra Connie on the archive. YouTube channel.

This new endeavour sees Chris and Kyra taking on the kitchen for “Cheffing & Chit Talking”, which is exactly what it sounds like – whipping up some tasty grub and having a good ol’ chat about anything and everything. Plus, save for episode one, each chapter will feature a special guest from the climbing scene.

Have a watch, show our boy some support and enjoy!