2023 IFSC World Cup & Olympic Qualification Schedule

View the calendar for the 2023 IFSC competition season, including continental Olympic qualifiers...

Exciting news for all competition climbing fans – this past Monday, 12 September, the International Federation of Sport Climbing released the calendar for the 2023 competition season, which includes 12 World Cups, 2 World Championships, 3 Paraclimbing World Cups and 5 continental Olympic qualifying events for the 2024 Games in Paris, France.

There are just 2 World Cups left in the 2022 season – Lead & Speed in Jakarta, Indonesia on 24 September – 26 September, and Boulder & Lead in Morioka, Iwate, Japan on 20 October – 22 October 2022.

Scroll down to see what’s lined up, and click the button below to find out more on the IFSC website – it’s set to be a stellar season!



Very excitingly, sport climbing will make its debut at the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile from 20 October to 5 November 2023; this will serve as the Pan American Olympic qualifying event. There will also be five separate continental events taking place from September to December 2023:

● 9-10 September: Speed European Qualifier (Italy)
● 27-29 October: IFSC Boulder & Lead European Qualifier (Laval, France)
● 3-7 November: IFSC Asian Qualifier (TBC)
23-26 November: IFSC Oceanian Qualifier (TBC)
● 14-17 December: IFSC African Qualifier (TBC)

You can find news updates, event information on the IFSC website and their FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages; and you can find livestreams and highlights for selected events on their YouTube channel.

Featured image courtesy of Dimitris Tosidis & the IFSC.


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